Author: Katherine McIntyre

Release date: July 16, 2019

Book details: Book 1 in the The Eros Tales

Pages: 261

Genres:  Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Published by: Limitless Publishing

Ratting: 4 STARS


 I’ve been burned by my ex-fiancée and sentenced myself to long shifts at the hospital ever since. There’s no way I’d give anyone else the opportunity to break my heart again.

Until chance brings me face to face with the girl from my past.

Danielle is still as beautiful as ever, and seeing her reminds me of how I felt about her—how I still feel about her.

But she’s changed. I can see it when I look into her eyes. It’s like she’s no longer living, but merely existing. An enigma laden with secrets from her past—secrets that are forcing her to run from me. Only this time, I won’t let her get away so easily.

I’m determined to peel away every layer of secrets she carries around her, and to protect her from whatever it is that’s causing her to run.

Danielle Reynolds will not slip through my fingers again.

This time…she stays.


 I received Taking Root for a honest review through the review opportunity at Xpresso Book. Thank you.

Taking Root is the first book in The Eros Tales series and it’s a second chance romance.

Taking Root is the story of Danielle and Adrian Dukas. Danielle Reynolds is a young woman whose life is changed irrevocably in her teens years when she finds out the truth about her family.  She was on the run for years and now she is back in her hometown.

When she left her hometown, she left behind a Adrian Dukas, her friend and her first love. When she meets again Adrian, she gives him the chance to be part of her life even if she knows that she only can give him her present.

Adrian Dukas is a doctor who loves his profession and after ex-fiance left him, he focused only on his job and his family. He was happy with his life until he sees again a Danielle, the girl who disappeared from his life without any explication.  He loved her and now he wants the chance to get to know her again.

Adrian wanted to be part of her life and to build a future with her but, she refused him because of her past. After Adrian, finds out the truth about her past, he agrees to help her to confront her past and to help her to have a normal life and to fight for her future.

When she was free of her past, she chooses to make a life with Adrian and begin a new life in her hometown. Danielle deserved to have a home and to build a life with the man she loves.

I enjoyed the book Taking Root.

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