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Landon & Shay: Part Two, the not to be missed conclusion of the Landon and Shay duet by Brittainy C. Cherry, is available now!

Get your binge on with this must-read enemies to lovers, second chance romance!


Cover Landon and Shay part 2Once upon a time, I fell in love with a boy.

A beautiful, broken boy who had his own world of struggles.

People warned me against our love, but I didn’t listen.

We looked weak.

Young, foolish.

Dangerously in love.

We didn’t care.

In order to keep our hearts protected from the opinions of others, we became each other’s secret.

We shared stolen moments. Tender touches. Secretive embraces.

It was our twisted love story, and it worked for us up until our lives changed forever.

The boy I loved became Hollywood’s newest golden boy.

His career blossomed as mine stalled.

He found massive success as I discovered multiple failures.

He made something of himself, while my dreams never came true.

We moved into different realms where our pieces no longer fit together.

In the fairy tales, love conquered all.

In reality, love was the main reason empires began to fall.

I always knew Landon belonged in my story.

He was my beginning, middle, and end.

The only problem? I wasn’t certain I still belonged in his.


I received this book for an honest review. Thank you!

Landon & Shay part 2 is the conclusion of the duet L&S by Brittainy C Cherry. You can read my review of the first book here.

“We were messy and broken, and complex, and beautiful”

Landon and Shay part 2 stars Shay and Landon being together and in love. Landon left with his mother to heal and to learn how to deal with his depression and Shay is preparing to go to the college. Even when they were apart they were happy and they found ways to communicate and to support each other.

After a major event in the life of Landon, he loses himself and give up his therapy and shut down his feelings and he didn’t talk with Shay. Shay felt that she loses herself in Landon and she had to make the decisions to love herself more and to fight for a better life. I’m proud of Shay because she chose herself.

For a while, Landon abandoned the therapy and he didn’t fight to heal and didn’t want to confront his feelings but, after he loses Shay, he found again the strength to fight to be better. I’m also proud of him because he didn’t give up on himself.

After a few years, Shay and Landon are reunited. The reunion between them was painful for both of them because they still love each other. Shay wasn’t ready to let Landon again in her life, so Landon proved her that he changed and she can trust him. I love Landon because he was patient and loving with Shay and he proved that he deserves a second chance.

Love is feeling healed whenever you’re near your person.

I was sad that Landon and Shay wasted so many years but I’m happy that they found their happily ever after. lLandon and Shay part 2 was an amazing book. I recommend everyone to read this beautiful duet.



“Oh my gosh, tell us everything.” Raine beamed as she sat across from Landon at the dining room table with her chin on her hands in amazement. “Tell me everything about being famous.”

That privacy I thought Landon and I would get?

Not going to happen with Raine living in the same place as me. She was so giddy seeing her best friend, and I couldn’t blame her. I was just as excited—even more so than her.

Landon looked so good, so grown-up.

He had facial hair that was groomed to perfection, and he smelled like sex appeal and honey. Since he’d arrived, I hadn’t allowed myself to be far from his side.

I sat in the chair next to him, and he hadn’t removed his hand from my thigh, massaging it up and down.

“I’m not famous.” Landon chuckled, giving Raine a smile. “I honestly don’t know what’s been happening to me, or why it’s been happening to me, but I feel like I’ll one day wake up and it will all be a dream.”

“You know what I hate?” Raine asked, crinkling her nose up.

“What’s that?” Landon replied.

“When really famous people claim they aren’t famous. That’s like when rich kids are like ‘Oh, I’m not rich, my parents are.’ Like, shut up, Susan. You can’t say you’re not rich while driving your Mercedes Benz wearing your Gucci shoes. That’s not how that works.”

I chuckled at my dramatic friend. “She is right, though. You are famous, Landon. The world has seen your tushy in boxer briefs. That’s the top layer of fame.”

“And what a cute little tushy-wushy it is,” Raine mocked, leaning over to pinch his cheeks. “I’m a proud big sister.”

“For the millionth time, I’m older than you, Raine,” Landon remarked.

“By age, not by maturity.” She darted her eyes back and forth between the two of us. Then her stare moved to Landon’s hand caressing my upper thigh. “Is this about to get a little PG-13? Should I leave?”

“You should probably leave,” I joked.

She nodded in agreement. “Okay, well, don’t make plans tomorrow night, Landon. We’re going to have everyone over for a reunion. Now, go do whatever it is you’re planning to do, you two lovebirds—but remember, these walls are thin, and my bedroom is right next door to Shay’s.”

I laughed. “I know, and I’m reminded of how thin the walls are every time Hank stays the night.”

She gave me a smile and a wink. “We broke the headboard the other night.”

Landon jumped in. “And I think that falls into the realm of too much information. I don’t want to think about Hank and you banging and breaking headboards. You are like a big sister to me, after all.”

Raine walked around and patted him on the back. “You’re old enough to know that your sister gets laid, Landon—at least four times a week in many different positions.”

“Raine,” Landon groaned, slapping his hand to his face. “Too much information.”

“I bet you won’t think it’s too much information when Shay breaks out some of the moves from the Kama Sutra book I gave her. Good night, kiddos.”

She hurried off, and Landon was staring at me with a highly arched eyebrow.

“What?” I asked.

“What’s this about a Kama Sutra book?” His lips curved up into a wicked grin.

I rolled my eyes. “It’s nothing. Raine is just a sex-driven girl. She said she and Hank needed to spice things up after being together so long.”

“I like spice. Spice is my favorite thing. What are some of the names of the moves in the book? What are we trying tonight?”

I felt my face heating up from the idea of it all. “None.”

He cocked an eyebrow. “Oh crap. You’ve really read this book, haven’t you?”

“What? No. Not at all.”

He smirked and pointed a finger. “You have one on the tip of your tongue. I can tell. Do share.”

“Well…” I pulled the collar of my shirt between my lips and shrugged. “There is this thing called the butterfly.”

The way his eyes smiled along with his lips made my cheeks heat even more. He rose to his feet. “Come on, let’s go. I’m going to butterfly the hell out of you.”

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