Cover Ionic AttractionTittle: IONIC ATTRACTION


Release date: January 6th 2020

Book details: Standalone

Pages: 200

 Ratting: 3.5 STARS


Zach’s got a secret. The only reason he’s agreed to an internship at the Mastermind Complex, a high-tech academy for teens, is to use their supercomputer to find the person who framed him. He never stole anything but was locked up in juvie anyway. Now he’s out, he’s got a plan, and nothing will get in his way…not even the girl he’s been partnered with, who excels at proving opposites attract.

Jane’s got a secret. She was the informant who led to Zach’s arrest. Did she mean for that to happen? No way. And now she has to work with him to save the world. Because an “internship” at the Mastermind Complex is actually a program to train super-geniuses as soldiers in a war of the minds. Zach’s and Jane’s intellectual skills complement each other, making them an unbeatable pair.

She can’t resist their ionic attraction, but if he ever discovers the truth, she’ll lose him forever. And worse, breaking their partnership would mean sacrificing all the innocent lives depending on them.


I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. Thank you, NetGalley!

Ionic Attraction is the story of Jane and Zach, two teenagers who have to work together to save the world.

Zach was in jail for a crime he didn’t commit and now that he is free, he wants to find the person who framed him. He and his brothers agree to work with Jane at the academy, to prove that he is innocent and to take revenge.

Jane knows that Zach is innocent and because of that she gave him the opportunity to work at Mastermind Complex. Jane needs him and his brothers to work with her and her team to save the world.

“The ionic attraction is so totally overwhelming that the two become one.”

Jane and Zach learned to trust each other and to build a relationship in order to save the world. They are attracted to each other and they slowly fell in love.
I liked the relationship between the triplets and the relationship between Jane and her father. Ionic Attraction is a book full of action with romance and science. I liked Ionic Attraction.
The author of Ionic Attraction
About the author

Hi. My name is D.R. Rosensteel. I write clean YA fantasy action-adventure stories wrapped around real teen issues like bullying, drug abuse, and peer pressure. There may be a hint of romance or a touch of horror, but there will always be action, action action!

My message to kids who feel different—stick together. We have the rest of the world outnumbered.

My message to parents—pay attention. The evils of bullying, drug abuse, and peer pressure are real, and our kids don’t always talk about it. Don’t be a helicopter, but never be afraid to be a parent. Our kids need our guidance and our love. It’s great that they have friends who have their backs, but it’s better that they know you do.

My message to Psi Fighters—Vanquish Evil, Do Right, Protect the Innocent!

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