Tittle: Readhead in a Blue Convertible

Author: Ivan Scott

Release date: October 9, 2019

Genre: Romantic Fiction

Book details: Standalone

Pages: 271

 Ratting: FOUR STARS


Buckle up. The ride is about to begin…

British doctor Sarah Farnsworth’s life spirals out of control when she loses a patient during surgery, then soon after, loses herself.

When it looks like she will be lost forever, the road of fate leads her to a blue convertible owned by the mysterious Billy Caldwell.

She is informed Billy has twenty-four hours to get out of town and needs her help to get all of his affairs in order.

But why does he have to leave? And what is the big hurry?

As they drive around Atlanta in Billy’s ragtop, visiting the people and places dear to him, Sarah realizes the crisp, October air has breathed new life into her due to her new friend.

What she doesn’t realize is Billy has been watching her. For years.

And someone has been watching Billy. For decades…


I received this book for an honest review from the author. Thank you, Ivan Scott!

Sarah is a surgeon and when she loses a patient she feels that she is responsible for his death even if she made all she could. Because she loses her patient, she decided to give up in her profession and to become a driver. For a while she was in a dark place, her new job helps her to move forward.

Give back to the world with the gifts you have been given. Love with all your heart and never hold back. When your head hits the pillow at night, rest easy knowing you couldn’t do anything more. And when you wake up  the next morning, tell yourself you are going to be even better. 

When Sarah meets Billy and becomes her client for twenty-four hours and they become friends. Billy believes in Sarah and he wants Sarah to go back to become a surgeon and to believe again in herself. For twenty-four hours, Billy shows her a new world and convinces her to believe again in magic and love. Billy helps her to live a better life and to enjoy life again without regrets.

William, when I was in medical school, I was told something I never forgot. God gave us the tools to fix anything, but God is the only one who can fix everything.  

Sarah helped Billy to let the guilt that he carried around for years and to help him understand that sometimes we can’t save someone.

I liked the friendship between Sarah and Billy and the banter between them. I enjoyed Redhead in a Blue Convertible.

About the author

Ivan Scott has lived in Atlanta for over 30 years. He is married to a Genuine Ginger, so having a redhead protagonist is a must.

He lives with his beautifully saucy wife, two troublemaking kids and a Rat Terrier named Beesley in the Atlanta suburb of Sandy Springs.

He is diehard Detroit Lions fan (Yes, one of the few remaining), and like Billy from the story, he has a huge collection of the three B’s: Bourbon, Bowties and of course, Books!

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