Cover book Blood & HonetTitle: Blood & Honey

Author: Shelby Mahurin

Release date: September 1, 2020

Series: Book 2 of 2 in the Serpent & Dove Series

Pages: 528

 Rating: 4 STARS


The stakes are higher. The witches are deadlier. And the romance is red-hot. The eagerly anticipated sequel to the New York Times and Indiebound bestseller Serpent & Dove is perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas.

Lou, Reid, Coco, and Ansel are on the run from coven, kingdom, and church—fugitives with nowhere to hide.

To survive, they need allies. Strong ones. But as Lou becomes increasingly desperate to save those she loves, she turns to a darker side of magic that may cost Reid the one thing he can’t bear to lose. Bound to her always, his vows were clear: where Lou goes, he will go; and where she stays, he will stay.

Until death do they part.


Blood and honey is the second book in the series Serpent and Dove by Shelby Mahurin. You can read my review of the first book here. I loved the first book of this series and I wanted to read more about these characters. Blood and Honey begins were the first book ends, with Lou, Reid, Coco, Beau, and Ansel on the run from the witches, kingdom, and church and they were trying to find allies to fights again Morgane Le Blanc.

“I’d lied when I’d said I’d made my choice. In truth, there’d been no choice at all. There never had been. I loved her. And if I had to run, hide, and fight for that love, I would. For the rest of my life, I would.”

In the Serpent and Dove, Reid and Lou have fallen in love but in Blood and Honey, they had to work at their relationship and how to accept each other.

For Reid, wasn’t easy to accept that he is a witch and he has fallen in love with a witch who uses magic. It was difficult for him, to use magic and to learn more about his powers. He learned more about his parents and his heritage but he still felt guilty about the death of the Archbishop who was like a father for him.

“I’m a witch, Reid. A witch. I have the power to protect the ones I love, and I will sacrifice anything for them. If that makes me a monster—if that makes me aberrant—I’ll don the teeth and claws to make it easier for you. I’ll get worse, if that justifies your twisted rhetoric. Much, much worse.”

Lou is changing in this book, she uses more magic and she loses control over her powers. She proved that she will anything to protect the people she loves. She will sacrifice herself for Reid and his safety. She was trying to find a balance between being a witch and being with Reid.

What are you?” He chuckled, his eyes cutting to mine.
“I simply . . . am.”
“That’s not an answer.”
“Of course it is. Why must I bind myself to fit your expectations?”

In this book, we meet new characters, Claud Deveraux, the twins Thierry,  and Toulouse, Zenna and Seraphina, interesting characters who became allies and help Reid and Lou in their mission to kill Madame Le Blanc.

It was wonderful to see how Ansel, Coco, Beau, Reid, and Lou become a family and worked together to kill Madame Le Blanc. I enjoyed Blood and Honey and I cannot wait to read the next book in this series.



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About  Shelby Mahurin

Shelby Mahurin grew up on a small farm in rural Indiana, where sticks became wands and cows became dragons. Her rampant imagination didn’t fade with age, so she continues to play make-believe every day–with words now instead of cows. When not writing, Shelby watches the Office and reads voraciously. She still lives near that childhood farm with her very tall husband and semi-feral children. Serpent & Dove is Shelby’s debut novel.

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