Title: Odd Bird

Author: Lee Farnsworth

Release date: October 15, 2020

Series: Standalone

Pages: 338



Simon Selwood is an academic expert on the mating behaviour of birds, but hopeless at finding human love. Then he meets Kim, and at last something is more important to him than ornithology.

Kim doesn’t give a hoot about birds. And at first she isn’t very interested in Simon either. Relying on what he has gleaned from observing the opportunistic pied flycatcher and other species, plus the unorthodox advice of old friend Phil, Simon sets out on a mission to discover love for himself.

But will he make the right choice?

Odd Bird takes a light-hearted look at the battle of the sexes, drawing on the surprising parallels between the courtship behaviours of humans and birds.


I received this ARC from the publisher through Netgalley. Thank you!

Odd Bird by Lee Farnworth is a romance novel. Odd Bird is told from the point of view of David.

Davis is an ornithologist, who studies birds and the mating of birds. He is trying to find the perfect girl. He meets Kim, a woman who attracted him and he wants to be with her. Kim is young and confident.
He wants to be with Kim but things are complicated because she had a boyfriend. But after she broke up with him, she decided to be with David. I liked their relationship and how Kim supported David in his career.

I liked David’s passion for birds and how he tried to do parallels between the courtship behaviors of humans and birds. I think was too much information about birds. It was an ok book.

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About the author

Lee’s childhood was spent on a dairy farm in Lincolnshire alongside a pet cow named Stupid.

When Stupid’s grazing days were over, he headed to Newcastle to study Genetics. They accidentally awarded him a PhD in molecular biology but, convinced he was about to be found out, he fled into industry. After more than fifteen years in strategic marketing Lee kissed the corporate world goodbye to spend more time writing.

Lee likes to write about nerdy scientific types because – just between you and me – he’s actually a nerdy scientific type. He loves to make interesting scientific themes accessible, relevant and, most of all, fun for non-nerds.

Lee lives in Berkshire. He doesn’t have any cows, but he does have two adult children and a large collection of bird feeders.

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