Title: All Rhodes Lead Here

Author: Mariana Zapata

Release date: April 1, 2021

Series: Standalone

Pages: 572



Losing people you love is hard.

Aurora De La Torre knows moving back to a place that was once home isn’t going to be easy.

Starting your whole life over probably isn’t supposed to be.

But a small town in the mountains might be the perfect remedy for a broken heart.

Checking out her landlord across the driveway just might cure it too.


Mariana Zapata is one of my favorite authors and I love her books. All Rhodes Lead Here is a slow burn romance and beautiful characters Aurora, Amos, and Rhodes.

“People cried over endings, but sometimes you had to cry over new beginnings. I wouldn’t forget what I’d left. But I was going to be excited—at least as much as I could be—about this start and however it would end.”

Aurora is ready for a new beginning and she decided to go back to her hometown after a painful breakup. She rents an apartment from Tobias Rhodes. He didn’t want at first to have any kind of relationship with her and put some rules for her and she had to stay away from his son Amos. Rhodes wasn’t ready for Aurora and he needed time to get to know her. He accepted Aurora in his life when he was sure that Aurora is a good person for him and his son Amos. They slowly began a friendship.

You got this spark of life that nothing and no one has taken away despite the things that have happened to you, and I don’t understand how you still manage to… be you.”

I loved that Rhodes gave time to Aurora to become her and he supported her journey and her healing. He was very patient with her and loving. I loved the relationship between Rhodes and his son and the beautiful relationship between Aurora and Amos. I loved the relationship between Rhodes and Aurora. I highly recommend this book to all Mariana Zapata’s fans and to all romance readers.

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About the author

Mariana is a New York Times, USA Today, and #1 Amazon best-selling author and reached #7 on Amazon’s Author Ranking in 2016. Her book The Wall of Winnipeg and Me was a #1 Amazon Overall Best Seller, and was chosen as a 2016 Goodreads Choice Award nominee and also included on Amazon’s Best Books of 2016 for Romance. Wait for It reached #2 on the Amazon Overall Best Seller list and stayed in the top 100 for six weeks; it was chosen as a 2017 Goodreads Choice Award nominee in the Romance category. Dear Aaron was a top 10 Amazon Overall Best Seller and stayed in the top 100 for six weeks. From Lukov with Love was a top 10 Amazon Overall Best Seller and was a finalist in the romance category for the 2018 Goodreads Choice Awards. Her latest novel, Luna and the Lie, became a #1 Amazon Overall Best Seller.

Mariana Zapata began writing love stories soon after she learned how to spell. She probably shouldn’t admit that she started sneaking romance novels from her aunt’s bookshelves way before she was old enough to even understand what it meant when a man flipped up a woman’s skirt. (Don’t tell her mom.)

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