Review Requests

If you are an author and would like me to read your book and to review it, please contact me. I will post an honest review on my blog, Goodreads, Amazon, and social media. I will be sent you a link when my review goes live.

My rating scale is:

  • 6 Stars– Perfection. When the book is perfection from my point of view. I loved everything about this book, the characters, the story, and the ending. I will re-read the book. I will never forget this book.
  • 5 stars – Amazing. The book is amazing. I had a hard time putting it down. I can’t stop reading it. I will think about this book for days after I finish it. I will recommend everyone to read this book.
  • 4.5 stars – I really love it. I loved this book but something is missing. I will recommend everyone to read this book.
  • 4 stars – Love it. I will give the books 4 stars when I love the couple but don’t like the way that the plot was developed. It’s worth reading the book.
  • 3.5 stars – It was enjoyable. It was a good book but I don’t like some things about the book.
  • 3 stars – It was ok. It was an ok book but didn’t hold my attention. I didn’t connect enough with the story.
  • 1&2 stars – I don’t rate the books with 1 and 2 stars.

When you sent your book, please include in your email:

  • Title
  • Genre
  • Book Blurb
  • Deadline (when you want me to post my review)
  • Your site

I will review the following genres:

  • Young Adult
  • New Adult
  • Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Chick Lit
  • Non-fiction- Memoir/Biography

I will accept folowing formats of books:

  • epub
  • mobi
  • pdf
  • paperbacks

I will love the hear from you. I will always glad to read and to review your book. I’m always looking to read new authors. Contact me stefan.eveline@yahoo.ro.

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